Post Construction – Post Renovation Cleaning
We Move Out the Dust so that You Can Move In

Everyone loves to make changes to their homes, offices, and other places they own to something modern, more beautiful, and a design that better fits their needs. However, what comes after is nothing short of exhausting, frustrating, and hugely time-consuming! Yes, we are talking about the post construction cleaning. Did you recently get your home/office renovation or redesigning done and made changes that left a huge mess behind for you to clean up? Dealing with the whole construction process is already quite draining and tiresome, and now you also have to clean up all of the post-job mess. And the worst part is, it’s not just about mustering up the energy and making time to clean it up; you will need professional equipment and products to ensure that the mess left behind is appropriately cleaned up.

But why worry?! You have Cleaning Green LLC to rely upon, after all! The cleaning professionals, dedicated to providing the best post construction services in town! Our skilled team members know every cleaning technique and skill to ensure that all the mess that the construction created is wiped right off the face of your place. No trace remains behind; that’s our policy. Our staff is equipped with the latest cleaning equipment and products that are green and eco-friendly, free from toxic chemicals. Meaning not only will we provide you with an expert level cleaning service, but we will also do it in a way that will allow immediate use of the premises since no harmful chemical was used.

What Our Post-Construction Services Include:

  • Cleaning out all dust, dirt, and scuffs
  • Dusting off all the fittings and fixtures
  • Wet-cleaning all the frames
  • Sticker removing and cleaning the marks
  • No spot left uncleaned
When it Comes to Cleaning, We Are Committed

Was it a simple refurbish to the premises’ floor or some small-scale changes to your home or any other place you own? The after-cleaning should be done appropriately to ensure that the improvements made live up to their full potential. Always be cautious of the cleaning chemicals that are used by many modern cleaning companies when providing their services. However, with Cleaning Green LLC, you will never face this problem because all our cleaning materials and products are free from any type of harmful chemical. They are eco-friendly and have been manufactured using green ingredients and processes.

Effective Cleaning Procedures

The reason why our cleaning services are consistently professional and capable of catering to any and every cleaning need of our clients is that we have created many expert-level cleaning procedures for each situation and requirement. All our employees have been intensely trained to follow each step of these procedures using their professional skills and equipment. Therefore, no one does it better than Cleaning Green LLC when it comes to providing cleaning services.

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