Need To Clean Your Blinds? Here’s How To Do It!

Advice on how to clean vertical, horizontal, and fabric blinds

For non-fabric, the following are the best ways to clean blinds:

● One of the best ways to keep your non-fabric vertical blinds clean is to dust them daily using a feather duster. Simply cleaning between each slide and the surface will maintain a pleasant look.

● Vacuuming them daily is another good way to ensure that they stay neat and clean. Use a brush attachment head that can gently scrub against the blind’s surface for even better results.

● If there are stubborn stains on the blinds, you can use water to wash them off. Using a non-abrasive soap dampened with hot water, clean your blind gently with a soft cloth.

● It is good to take them off before starting the cleaning session for a thorough cleaning.

Effectively Clean All Kinds of Blinds
clean blinds professionally

For fabric, these are some of the best ways to clean blinds at home:

● Before taking off your fabric blinds, make sure to dust off the dirt so that you can clearly spot all the stains that need a thorough cleaning.

● If the water is too cold, the results of the cleaning session won’t be as good, and if it is too hot, it can damage the adhesive that keeps the weights at the bottom inside.
Only use luke-warm water.”

● It’s always a good idea to wash your blinds in a large basin or bathtub so that every panel corner can be wiped appropriately.

● Make sure not to scrub as it can damage the threads and scuffs. Only wipe repeatedly in the same direction for best results.

● You can use detergents and soap to aid with getting rid of the stains.

● Once all the panels are cleaned, rinse them with luke-warm water and dry them gently with a soft towel.

● It’s always good to dry your freshly washed blinds before you rehang them on the railings.

Tips for Cleaning Wooden Blinds

If you have wooden blinds, then you can use these tips for a fast clean:

● It’s always a good idea to make a cleaning schedule and stick to it daily no matter what type of blinds you have.

● Feather dusters, microfiber cloths, and vacuum are the three best options to follow the tips mentioned above.

● Close your blinds so that all the panels are flat against the wall.

● Run the duster, cloth, or vacuum against the surface of the blinds from one end to the other.

● Do the same on the other side.

Restore The Aesthetics Your Blinds Once Had

If your blinds are exposed to lots of sunlight daily, and you can notice that they have started to fade, use a conditioner to restore the shine and aesthetics they once had. You can use lemon oil or a standard wood conditioner to serve this purpose. If you are looking for the best way to clean kitchen blinds, then it all depends on the material. A lot of people ask professionals, what can I use to clean my blinds, and the best answer to that is you all should not cheap out on the cleaning material quality because a good cleaning needs good equipment.

How do you clean window blinds?

Many professionals also use the methods that are mentioned above. The only difference is the execution of cleaning procedures, which makes a massive difference in the results. However, the best way to clean dusty window blinds is by using a vacuum cleaner.

Do dryer sheets clean blinds?

Dryer sheets are perfect for cleaning Venetian blinds because they are anti-static. Static is an element present on the blinds and is responsible for attracting dust and dirt towards it. Wiping your Venetian blinds with a dryer sheet will not only clean the blinds, but also it will eliminate the static on them that attracts the dust. So yes, dryer sheets can most certainly be used to clean blinds; it just depends on what type of blinds you have.

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