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Best Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen

Kitchen Decluttering Tips When it comes to our kitchen, there is something inside every one of us which tells us never to throw away anything because there will come a time when we will need it! There's a high chance that time is never going to come, and you are just hoarding things in your [...]

Common environmentally bad things in our homes

Common House Things that Harm the Environment You will be surprised to find how many household items that cause pollution are sitting in your house. We all have household items that contain zinc, mercury, lead, and some plastics, all elements that are bad not only for your health but also the health of our environment. [...]

Keeping Your Makeup Organized Has Never Been Easier

Makeup Organizers & The Secret To Keep Them Clean The Best Way To Organize Your Cosmetic Products A good way to begin the hunt of finding the best makeup organizer for you is by listing the things you need from it. Here are a few things you can consider. Portability: The first factor you should [...]

DIY Cleaning Products

Eco-Friendly Ant Killer Recipes That Gets The Job Done

Eco-Friendly Way To Keep The Ants Away I have the privilege of living in Southern California, which means the weather is almost perfect most of the time. This summer the entire planet is having record breaking heat, causing bugs and pests to look for cool, dry areas to migrate too. One of these pests is [...]

DIY Soft Scrub Liquid Cleanser

We can all use a little extra cleaning power when it's time to scrub the bathroom and kitchen. While a general bathroom cleaner may be sufficient for spills and wipe downs, there are times when a scouring agent is needed to get the job done properly. Sinks, tubs, and toilets are most commonly used throughout [...]

DIY Homemade No Scrub Toilet Cleaner

Lets face it, nobody looks forward to cleaning the toilet.  We all use our toilets on a daily basis, but most of us also dread the task of cleaning it.  With these natural homemade toilet cleaner bombs, you can elevate the scrubbing and keep your toilet cleaned with little effort.  These bombs wont blow up [...]

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