Learn How to Clean Like A Pro

Learn How to Clean Like A Pro

Here are a few hacks that I wish every homeowner knew in the world:

  • Using a Swiffer to clean glass and mirrors: Our houses are full of mirrors and glass furniture that are hard to reach. The answer to this problem is very simple! Just get a Swiffer and fold a microfiber cloth on the cleaning end of it. All you have to do is spray the mirror/glass cleaning solution over the surface and drag down the Swiffer from top to bottom in one swipe. This way, you can clean all of it, even the hard-to-reach part, and leave no streaks behind. The best glass/mirror cleaning solution, in my experience, is the foam-style one.
  • Deep cleaning dirty laundry: Washing machines are great, sure, but have you ever come across freshly done laundry and seen some soapy, dirty, and oily spots on your clothes? We most certainly have, and to fix that, I recommend following this hack! Fill up your bathtub with PIPING HOT WATER. It needs to be boiling hot! Once it is filled halfway, add a quarter cup of borax and baking soda and a big scoop of powdered surf. Now throw in the clothes you want to deep clean and let them settle in. Grab a sturdy object, long and sturdy, and use it to spin the laundry around so that every part of the fabric gets exposed and rinsed appropriately. You need to stir them every hour and let the laundry soak in for about 6 hours. Trust me, the water color after 6 hours will shock you! Pick up the laundry, wring out the clothes properly and give them a quick wash using your washing machine.
Things Professional Cleaners want us to know
Clean Like A Pro
  • Use a wall cleaning brush with a wall cleaner: I don’t know why people think that they need to get them repainted once their walls are dirty! NO! Almost all modern paints are now waterproof, which means you can clean them using water or liquid cleaning solutions. For this hack, you will need a wall cleaning brush and wall cleaning solution. Simply spray the solution over the dirty area of your walls and use the brush to clean away!
  • Glass cleaner isn’t just for cleaning glass: You will be shocked to know that your glass cleaner can be used to give the surfaces of your house the shine they need! Grab your glass cleaner, spray it over your doorknobs, taps, handles, and other similar items that need a shine, and then clean it with a microfiber cloth. Doing so will give them the little extra sparkle to uplift your house’s look.
  • Cleaning the stove grill:I have seen people struggle with cleaning the top grill of their stoves since all kinds of stuff gets stuck to it due to the heat. However, the solution is pretty simple! All you will need is some vegetable oil and kosher salt to act as the abrasive. This hack will get the sticky and pesky dirt debris out of the grill and make it shiny, almost as if it was new!

A Few Cleaning Advice

Now for a little advice that I would like to give my fellow cleaners. It will help set the mood and tone so that you can feel the energy and proper motivation to get that cleaning done!

Cleaning is best done when you can see the dirty areas of your house perfectly, and when is that? During the day, when the sun is out. All experts, including me, have said that cleaning during daylight is key to getting the job done. It ensures that you can identify and clean up every single speck of dust that stains your beautiful home. So, before starting to clean, make sure the sun is out, all your curtains, drapes, and blinds are open, and all the lights are turned on.

How can you clean your house when it’s hard to clean up your cleaning supplies! The best way to avoid having an excessive cluster of cleaning items and supplies is always to buy multi-purpose cleaning products. One product that can clean multiple things.

Never, ever cheap out when you are buying your vacuum cleaner. It needs to have good suction power and a decent-sized dust bag so that it can last at least one whole cleaning session. An expensive vacuum cleaner also has a longer cord so that you can move around more easily.

Dust settles on everything and makes them look old while killing the look of your house! When you are cleaning, make a simple rule of dusting everything that meets your eye. Anything in the house, don’t think about it, just dust it.

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