Step by Step guide to Cleaning Floors Without Streaks

Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Floors Without Streaks

First of all, we will need the right equipment:

  • Vacuum or broom
  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • Distilled white vinegar or any commercial cleaner
  • Spray bottle

Now that you have all you need, let’s get to cleaning.

Cleaning Floors without streaks


First, we need to get rid of the dust on top of your floor since dust particles increase the chances of leaving behind streaks during your cleaning. Using your broom, sweep the dust off the floor, or you can simply vacuum it away.


People who don’t want to leave streaks after the cleaning should think about the cleaning solution they want to use because if the solution is messy, you can never avoid getting streaks. Find the commercial cleaning solution you think is of high quality, or make your own by mixing 1/2 cup of vinegar into a gallon of warm water.


It’s not just the cleaning solution you want to keep an eye out for but also the mop you decide to use for the session. It’s wrong to think you can use the same mop for all kinds of cleaning. For cleaning the floor tiles in residential settings, microfiber mops and cotton string mops will do the best job.


If your technique is wrong, it doesn’t matter how good the cleaning solution and mop are; your cleaning will always leave visible, ugly streaks. If you decide to use a cotton string mop, dip it into the cleaning solution and squeeze out the excess liquid absorbed into it. Start to clean your tiles using a figure-eight pattern and when one side of the mop gets dirty, turn over to use the clean side. When both sides are dirty, clean the mop in your bucket and repeat the process. If you are using a microfiber mop, apply the cleaning solution to a small tile section using the spray bottle and mop by moving it up and down over the wet surface. When the mop gets dirty, remember to clean it before continuing the cleaning process.

Best Brands/Products for Cleaning

Grove – When it comes to providing effective cleaning solutions and protecting our environment, no one does it better than Grove. They are currently operating using almost no plastic at all, and I love it about them. Their cleaning products aren’t just the best for getting the job done, but they also are relatively affordable in comparison. The Grove products that I love using are:

Ultimate Sustainable Cleaning Kit

It offers an overall solution to my clients’ cleaning requirements. The kit contains a set of multi-purpose cleaning liquids that can be used to clean windows, mirrors, furniture, etc., a high-quality microfiber cloth that leaves no streaks or lines behind, reusable glass spray bottles, and a grunger buster grout and tile brush.

Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover

Another product that gets the job done every time is their stain remover spray. No matter what kind of stain on the carpet or upholstery, it will clean it off as if the stain wasn’t even there in the first place!

Method Hard Floor Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning the floors, the best product I can suggest is the method of hard floor cleaner by Grove. It’s not only good for cleaning the floors, but the after-clean smell is just something you will fall in love with. We also can’t forget that these products are non-toxic and made plant-based, meaning there is no need to worry about walking barefoot on the floor right after the cleaning session.

Pure Sense Stainless Steel Cleaner

If you plan to clean out the stainless steel ware, then nothing outperforms the pure sense stainless steel cleaner by Grove. It does the job perfectly every time and applies a protective coating to the cleaned item.

Best Brand/Tools for Cleaning

Blueland – For those who can’t find Grove products near them can opt for Blueland. Another terrific cleaning products supplier that is dedicated to helping the planet stay green and safe. Their cleaning liquids, products, and tools are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Any product you decide to buy from them won’t disappoint you in the least and will provide you with the best value for your money. The following are the products I highly recommend buying from Blueland:

The Clean Essentials Kit: Like Grove, Blueland also has its own, all-purpose essential cleaning kit that you can buy and get busy with. It comes with all the things you will need to generally clean your home. We have a multi-surface cleaner in it, glass+mirror cleaner, and foaming hand soap.

Blueland Toilet Cleaner Set: Having all the tools you need to clean your bathroom thoroughly is the dream of every person out there, and thanks to Blueland, you now can buy a single kit and have all the essentials that you will need to achieve it.

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