Best Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen

Kitchen Decluttering Tips

When it comes to our kitchen, there is something inside every one of us which tells us never to throw away anything because there will come a time when we will need it! There’s a high chance that time is never going to come, and you are just hoarding things in your kitchen drawers and cupboards, which will inevitably lead to clutter. Want to simplify your kitchen? Don’t worry because today we bring you the declutter kitchen checklist and an expert who will be helping you avoid cluttering up your kitchen and damaging its style and finally answering the question, how to declutter your kitchen counter.

First, let’s discuss how we can avoid this situation.

Question its usability: For this step, you have to be very honest. When was the last time you used this item, and if the answer was more than 3-4 months ago, it needs to go into a box and not the drawers. Do this for all the items in your kitchen, and you will see an instant improvement, especially to declutter kitchen countertops.

Item Duplication: Having two identical spoons that perform the same task is inefficient since you only need them to carry on your daily kitchen routine. You might think that it’s just one or two extra spoons or dishes, so what? No! We do not need anything extra; that’s precisely how the cluttering begins. You should avoid doing this if you want to declutter kitchen appliances.

kitchen decluttering tips
kitchen decluttering

Is it Worth Buying Today: You bought this item a while ago, but to know it’s worth and purpose in your kitchen, ask yourself, if you didn’t have this item and came across it during your shopping, would you buy it then? If the answer is no, it must go! This is an effective step to declutter kitchen cabinets.

Is its Function Good Enough: You might have some kitchen items that do somehow contribute to your daily routine, but their contribution is insignificant? Having or not having them in your kitchen won’t make a noticeable difference. They, too, will go in the box.

Now that you have asked yourself the right questions and hopefully followed your answers honestly and determinedly, we can get to phase 2. Here are 10 item categories that you can control and limit to effectively declutter the kitchen.

Spices: Who doesn’t love storing spices in their cupboards even though they only needed it that one time because their cookbook said so. There is a high chance that you have extra spices lying around in your kitchen, some expired and others you will never use again. Get rid of them.

Dish Towels: It’s time to realize that you can no longer use your year-old dish towels and throw them away. Now, evaluate the usable dishtowels and decide which ones you need to maintain your kitchen and keep everything clean. Put the rest in the box.

Cleaning Supplies: Check your cleaning supplies, you are bound to have something extra. Throw it out and keep only what you need. Hide them inside the storeroom.

Cookbooks: If you haven’t used the cookbook in the last year, chances are you don’t need it. Toss it out.

Wooden Spoons & Other Utensils: Don’t deny it, we love hoarding wooden spoons and other similar cooking utensils. Be strong, and throw out the ones that you don’t need.

Baking Ware: Check for anything extra stored in your baking ware drawer and get rid of it.

Countertops: If your countertop is cluttered, your kitchen will never look neat and organized. It’s my personal recommendation that you keep NOTHING on your countertops since it just doesn’t make them look messy but also makes their cleaning difficult.

Fridge: Your fridge will have something you don’t need or expired that must be thrown out immediately. The fridge is part of your kitchen, and if it looks cluttered when you open it, your overall kitchen will also look bad. It’s a good idea to donate the extra food to any nearby deserving place.

Mugs & Glasses: We can never have enough glasses or mugs, can we? Decide which ones you need and stick to them until you break them or they get worn out. Keep the rest in the box.

Kitchen Accessories: Kitchen gadgets sound cool, but unfortunately, that’s about it. They do not bring any value to your daily cooking and cleaning routine. Sell them on eBay.

Junk Drawer: Make it your policy not to have any drawer dedicated to containing junk that you don’t know where to put. If you can’t find the right place for it, the only suitable place is in the trash.

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