Common environmentally bad things in our homes

Common House Things that Harm the Environment

You will be surprised to find how many household items that cause pollution are sitting in your house. We all have household items that contain zinc, mercury, lead, and some plastics, all elements that are bad not only for your health but also the health of our environment. That’s why we highly recommend that homeowners should switch over to purchases that are biodegradable household items. Don’t worry though because we present to you a list of unsustainable household products and everyday items that are bad for the environment.

Chlorine Bleaches

This chemical that is probably available in every house, under the kitchen sink, is far more dangerous and harmful to the environment and health of the house members than the bacteria and germs it kills. Cleaning professionals consider chlorine bleaches unnecessary. This product contains chlorine and lye that react to water bodies and create harmful toxins that can linger for numerous years!

You should switch over to hydrogen peroxide not just because it is completely safe, environmentally friendly, and is a pantry ingredient, but it does a far better job as well! Hydrogen peroxide is a natural disinfectant that removes bacteria and germs effectively.

pollution causing things in homes
Clean in an Environmental Friendly Way

Single-Use Plastics

Plastic is so cheap and convenient that we just can’t help but depend on it for almost everything we do. Disposable cutlery, drinking bottles, wrappings, the list goes on, is a part of every average household worldwide. But did you know that almost every piece of this plastic will inevitably end up in the ocean, endangering sea life?! Plastic disposables always cause a mess whenever they are used, not to mention the many trips you would have to take to the bin outside!

Now, you don’t have to completely get rid of all the plastics in your house; in some cases, it isn’t even in your hands! But, you can replace the plastics that you can, like switching to a paper shopping bag or using paper plates and cups instead of plastic ones. Doing so will decrease the amount of waste that goes into the ocean and reduce piles of plastic wastes that no one knows what to do with since they are non-biodegradable. Plus, now you also have the option of buying household items made from plants.

Phosphate Cleaning Products

The cleaning products that are sitting in your cabinets might contain phosphate. It is used in cleaning products to avoid detergent and create soap scums. On paper, it makes complete sense to add phosphate to the cleaning products that we use; however, they can cause mild irritation to human skin and pose a significant threat to the aquatic life in the community you live in.

Fortunately for us all, there are now multiple options in stores worldwide that are phosphate-free. We now have easy access to green products thanks to many multinational companies improving their products to decrease environmental damage.

Clean in an Environmental Friendly Way

It’s time we all get serious about the severe damage we are all causing the environment. Throw out all the cleaning chemicals of your house, and it’s time to replace them with either effective homemade pantry cleaning products or all-green, eco-friendly products that, in reality, do a far better job.

Bonus Cleaning Info of the Day!

Is resin bad for the environment

If you are talking about natural resin, yes, it’s completely safe for the environment. However, the synthetic resin that we use nowadays is not environmentally friendly.

Are cotton balls bad for the environment

The cotton balls on their own aren’t dangerous but the chemicals used to produce them are not eco-friendly at all!

Are razors bad for the environment

Unfortunately, the bulk of the razors is not biodegradable, meaning billions of pieces become hazardous waste adding to the trash problems we are facing.

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