Eco-Friendly Way To Keep The Ants Away

I have the privilege of living in Southern California, which means the weather is almost perfect most of the time. This summer the entire planet is having record breaking heat, causing bugs and pests to look for cool, dry areas to migrate too. One of these pests is ants, and they have found a way into many of my customers’ and friends’ homes lately. Because of this, I have been asked for an eco-friendly way to keep the ants away. I went to our local superstore and could not find a green ant spray so I decided to make one. We tested out a variety of homemade eco-friendly ant killer recipes and this is the one that worked best for us.

What you will need:

Natural Dish Soap
Peppermint Essential Oil
Spray Bottle

What to Do:

Pour 8 oz of water into your spray bottle
Add ½ tsp of all natural dish soap
Add 12 drops of peppermint essential oil
Screw on your spray top, shake and spray directly onto the ants as well as their entry way into your home.

Why This Works:

Ants don’t like the smell of peppermint because it interferes with the way they communicate and with the way they breathe. Imagine yourself in an elevator with someone who has really strong perfume or cologne on. This powerful scent can make it hard to breathe. It works the same way with ants. The potent smell of the peppermint will quickly deter the ants. Since this is an all natural way to get rid of them, it’s safe to use in the kitchen, on counters, and other commonly used areas around your home. Please share your D.I.Y. ant repellent recipes or let us know how ours worked for you!

Eco-Friendly Ant Killer Recipe
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