Find Out How Cleaning Professionals Are Going Green

Find Out How Cleaning Professionals Are Going Green

If we compel people to stop eating meat, or switch off their Air conditioners and stop consuming inorganic food, the effect would be little and, in most cases, rebellious.
So, it is sensible to have gradual life style changes with or change in the way we live.
This way consumes fewer natural resources and adopt a natural way of living.
Since we already know and are aware of tree plantation drive, rain forests benefits, solar panel uses, reduce use of plastic and strict law enforcement on Industrial waste that contribute toward poisonous gases in the atmosphere.
Luckily more than half of the world population in now aware of this post COVID-19.
Here I will discuss something different. new and Unique ways of reducing pollution, that is normally not discussed.

Avoiding Cremation

The process of Cremation is through a religious ritual, but the religious leaders owing to the necessity of modern times must encourage people to completely avoid cremation, that is harmful for the air with the ashes and residue polluting rivers.

Instead, green burying should be encouraged. Burying in ground will benefit and fertile the soil and plants. These plants will eventually be good for the environment and or contributes in fruits and vegetables growth.

Growing plants at home

One house one tree plantation. This will have incredible effect on our environment. Even in small apartments, pots can be used for small plants and basic vegetables growth. This will contribute to healthy environment, healthy living and savings. Home owners must be encouraged to keep the premises outside their home clean, grow of plants and trees.

Encourage Online Banking

You don’t need to start your vehicle, consume petrol or diesel and head to the bank now. Modern online banking not only saves time and petrol to drive cars to the bank and pollute air, it also reduces paper and printing (less tree chopping). Don’t unnecessarily print balance slips in ATM Machines when you can check balance on the screen

Use your Garbage efficiently

Have separate bins for glass, plastic, vegetable waste etc. 

Dispose the fruit and vegetable waste in the soil. If most households adopt this practice, this will have an incredible effect on the environment. Try to hand over the glass and plastic waste for recycling.

Avoid wasting food

Everyday tons and tons of food is wasted. See to it that we consume 100% of the food. It’s a good practice to feed the stray dogs and cats with leftover food.

Awareness for future generations.

Parents, schools and NGO should encourage children who will eventually benefit from the environment to keep their area, schools and park clean and plant more trees. Environment Preservation needs to be a subject taught in schools and marks must be given on practical, planting trees and conserving the environment.

Final Thoughts

Taking all these practical measures to conserve our environment will have a major benefit on our well-being and mother nature.

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