Small Initiation to Make Big Green Environmental Changes

Green Environmental changes

We are on the verge of total disaster but little do we care about it. In order to foster green living, a total change in mindset and way of living is essential.
Here are a series of baby steps that we can take, that might not seem much but at a massive scale with pretty much everyone practicing the same, the effect would sure be massive and huge. It will have a healthy effect on the environment, on our health and for our upcoming generations.

Alternative to Petrol: Vehicles on petrol and diesel contribute towards air pollution. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The news of Electric Vehicles and more fuel-efficient aircrafts is good news in probably the next 10 years but considering in 10 years and our irresponsible attitude; how much earth we would have destroyed? Leave alone electric cars is out of reach and budget of even the middle-income earners.
A lifestyle change needs to be adopted with heavy advertisement on healthy living. We need to travel distances via cycling and walking. This will be healthy for the individuals and the environment.

Consuming Less Energy

LED Lights are efficient and cost-effective then incandescent bulbs. We need to consume less energy. Earth hour and similar initiatives need to be welcomed and implemented.

Eco-friendly Residence

Every year sadly hundreds and thousands of trees are chopped for wooden furniture and unnecessary wooden home construction. Investing in green furniture is a good alternative and would save trees.

Alternative to Meat

Since industrial meat production has an adverse impact on the environment. Replace meat with pulses, grains and oats and slaughter less animals. Our diet needs to be plant based. Focus should be on locally made products and growing fruits and vegetables.

Planting Trees as a Responsibility

Trees and plants are life and our saviors. They are the most beautiful living things on our planet. More and more organizations Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Activities) ought to be growing more and more trees.

Governments worldwide must implement laws, if the space and land permit, in every home one tree must be planted.

The governments must implement a tree plantation initiative of which the fruits will become a major source of income of people and many fruits can be exported and will economically benefit the country in the long run.

Avoid Plastic Bottles

Millions of industrial wastes are dumped in the water and it pollutes our drinking water. So, we are compelled to purchase expensive plastic water bottles.

It takes hundreds of years for these bottles to completely absorb in the soil. We must avoid buying plastic bottles for water and soft drinks, since millions of plastic bottles go waste in a year and they are the major pollution contributor. Industries should also focus on plastic alternatives and most major brands must curb distribution of water bottles and carbonated sodas with efficient reusable glass bottles.


These are the series of small steps required to reduce pollution at a massive scale.

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