This is how Human Greed is Causing Environmental Destruction!

Human Greed is Causing Environmental Destruction

Green Living is still considered a trend, a fad and most people don’t take it quite seriously even in developed, affluent and well-off societies. Leave alone underdeveloped countries and people living below the poverty line, the uneducated who have not even the slightest concept of going green.
Its regretful that even the billionaires are taking a heavy toll to the environment from the harmful effects of petrol and diesel buying bigger vehicles when the need for them can be efficiently met with under 1000 cc transportation. The show-off culture and superiority complex have vastly contributed in air pollution from misuse of cars and the billion-dollar fashion industry. Human beings are destroying their own homeland buying wooden furniture’s and leather bags, leading to unnecessary chopping of trees and slaughtering poor animals.
There are some serious efforts by different NGO to safeguard the life of animals and trees to protect our environment, but unless we have an effective system in place and social awareness, all their efforts will go down the drain. All the organized steps taken by these NGO’s and handful of responsible citizens are lost in the noise, since the vast majority don’t consider pollution a serious issue.

We are now rapidly making our mother earth inhabitable for our coming generations. They will only weep and whine, for what we are going to leave for them.
The only practical and comprehensive solution is social awareness. The so-called claim by many giant manufacturing industries, mills and factories earning billions of dollars at the expense of our beautiful environment is they are the source of livelihood for many workers and any effort to curb their output will not leave them competitive, increase their input and hence product prices and contribute towards massive unemployment of their workforce and high-price products. This has proven counter-productive by the sincere efforts of responsible citizens and NGO’s.
Even the powerful government’s, industrialized and high-income countries who reply on GDP and Tax income are unable to enforce these pollution emitting industries to make their systems efficient to produce less hazardous gases in the atmosphere.
The only solution is a system needs to be in place worldwide with strict laws enforced so that the industries contributing to pollution must ensure alternatives to reduce pollution and stop emitting harmful gases.

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